Christmas Market Times Three


I have a love hate relationship with Christmas these days.  I love all the festivities, but at the same time I hate them because it is just so much.  Apparently today, I was so stressed out that when I was trying to straighten things out at the pediatricians office I lost my cool.  I ended up having to call back the poor billing agent and apologizing multiple times for my bad behavior.  We won't talk about what cause me to be so frustrated because that is a post for another time, but regardless I shouldn't have lost my cool.  I guess at the moment I wasn't using the saying you attract more flies with honey.  This past weekend, I took the girls to the Atlanta Christkindl market.  They had fun!  We were able to get German sausages and some yummy treats along with a few ornaments for our tree. At the same time across the country in SLC, my son Winston was attending SLC version of Christmas Markets and in Germany my oldest son was attending the Frankfurt Christmas Market.  Our oldest has been in Europe for the last month.  He started off in Poland doing some work, and when he finished he traveled to Germany where he spent some time with his Oma.  He also ventured to England for two days and Paris for one!  Well, I hope you are all having a good start to the holiday season.  We head to Nashville this coming weekend.  The girls are going to hang out with their friends after watching their dance recital.  We can't wait. Well, I better be getting to bed.  It is late!  I have a ton to do tomorrow as I am in charge of the girls youth group at our church and tomorrow we are making snowman ornaments along with a sock gift exchange.  The girls love doing the exchange each year.  Take Care!  


William Kendall said…
There is a European style Christmas market here.

Admittedly this time of year is never a good one for me.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Well, I feel for you and certainly can't blame you for losing your cool.
As on Sunday afternoon we both biked some 35 km, we were talking over tea with mixed unsalted nuts afterward. Having seen so much ugly, plastic yard 'decorations' along the road I said — three more weeks and we're past this!
It is sad for saying this but for one's soul it is not a happy time of the year. Being Advent and then Christmas.
The TRUE meaning is completely lost and being smothered out by way too much commercialism and ALL cramped into less than a month worth of time... Right after Thanksgiving.
No Parent can keep up with it all and the older I get the more I dread this time of the year!
Today used to be our Dutch Saint Nicholas, or on the evening of the 5th for adults.
That was special and the gift giving never took away anything from the true Christmas meaning which was a pure religious one and about family time.
More or less like our Thanksgiving here — except we have in Europe 1st and 2nd Christmas Day!
Frankly, we never got used to that... crossing the Atlantic and that one special and holy day got amputated so abruptly with often the Christmas trees on the curbside on the 26th...
Be strong and you no doubt will make it through another year!
NCSue said…
Lovely shots!
Thanks so much for sharing at

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