Roman Goes Fishing

 A couple of weeks ago, while we were in Tennessee Roman, Brian, Carson, and my husband went to Old Hickory Lake and went fishing.  It was a great morning.  Roman caught a 2 plus pound Bass and Brian caught a 5 pound Bass.  Afterward, they went to Brian's car dealership to see all the cars and then went for lunch at a place called Big Shakes, Hot Chicken and Fish in Cool Springs.  Roman is really becoming the fisherman.  He loves it! He is even talking about maybe going to a school where they offer a fishing scholarship because he wants to be on their fishing team.  He is watching a ton of TV shows on fishing and watching YouTube videos on what the best lures and locations for fishing is. Thankful for Brian who took Roman and Frank out on his boat.


Barbara Rogers said…
What a joyful look on his face, and no qualms at all about holding the fish by the mouth! OK, they don't have teeth. Good for him!
Annsterw said…
Wow! Big fish! He looks thrilled!
NCSue said…
He caught a real humdinger! Congratulations on a great catch, Roman!!
Thanks for linking up at
He does look rightfully proud of his catch. Did he keep it for dinner or was this a catch and release?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Roman. He's got skill! Deep sea fishing, big game fishing, fly fishing,...are all wonderful interests. Sounds like Roman is studying his new interest and preparing himself to pursue a new hobby. Wonderful. Susan

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