Japanese Style Short Ribs

Last weekend we had a couple of my husband works colleagues over for dinner and wanting to impress them with my culinary skills I went in search of a recipe that would knock their socks off. As luck would have it, one night a couple weeks prior to the dinner party I was looking for something to watch and came across a tv show on Netflix called Salt Fat Acid Heat. The first episode drew me in as it took me on a journey to Italy and talked about the role of Fat in food and how it makes particular dishes delicious.  The host of the show is a food column writer and book writer Samin Nosrat.  Her quirky genuine personality draws you in and makes you feel so comfortable.  In the second episode, she takes you on a journey to Japan where you learn the purpose of salt and how not all salts are created equal.  This is where I found the recipe for the short ribs. My mouth was watering and I knew I had to make them for our quest.  My guest loved them and couldn't stop praising how wonderful they were!  Now short ribs aren't cheap to make, but if you have a special occasion these are so worth the few extra dollars.  I promise you won't regret it.  The only thing I would maybe tweak in the recipe is up the amount of ginger to give the meat just that extra zing.  I served the meat with garlic green beans and white rice.  Enjoy! Have a great weekend!  It's President weekend here in the states, the kids have off till Wednesday.  We are hanging low!  Addy has been sick with the flu and I am taking a photography course from a really well-known photographer.  Can't wait!


William Kendall said…
It sounds like they wouldn't be too spicy.
Thanks for the show info and the recipe recommendation, Kelleyn. Also hope folks in your family will be feeling better soon.
Looks delicious. They must have been impressed. And the show sound interesting as well.
Junieper/jesh said…
This sounds so interesting, not to mention delicious, and you're making me curious enough to look up this chef, because my mouth is watering, and I just ate lunch! Am happy you are taking the photography course. Hope you're sharing some of the things you'll learn with All Seasons:) Enjoy hanging low!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Droool. I've eaten Korean short ribs but not ever a Japanese recipe. The ribs with garlic green beans and rice sound heavenly. I'll check out the chef. She sounds like someone whose food I want to try. Thanks.

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