Sunset Beach

Come next week when it is time to go home, the plane may have a few less passengers on board.  Hawaii truly is a paradise. The views just make my heart sing and I am so grateful I can spend this holiday with my whole family.  My heart is full!


DUTA said…
Lovely fabric and design of the girls' dresses and bathsuit!
The sunset beach looks surreal!
Your family certainly had a memorable Christmas in a beautiful location, but the most lasting and important memories are that it was a holiday spent all together.
It looks like a wonderful holiday. :)
Ela said…
Happy New Year !!
Villrose said…
What a lovely beach!
Beach and sunset is unbeatable....
NCSue said…
Gorgeous seascape!
Thanks for linking up at
Jnieper2 said…
Wow Kellyn, you continue to amaze me, going on vacation with a broken shoulder! I wonder how many moms would be up to that. But you probably were thinking, Hawaii is fun and interesting for your kids:):)
Many thanks for sharing your end of the year vacation with us at All Seasons! Wishing you a beautiful and accomplished 2019!

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