November Book Reviews

Hi!  Sorry, it has been a little quiet here, but I broke up my shoulder on Saturday.  I tripped and boy does it hurt.  Ouch!  I can't do anything! I am not very good at being a patient.  I don't like not being able to do stuff for myself or go anywhere.  Ok!  Enough whining!  How are you?  Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving?

I finished the Orphan Keeper last week.   It is such a good book.  This book is based off a true story of a little boy who was kidnapped when he was 8 in India and who was sold to an orphanage than later adopted by an American couple living Colorado.  The story hits close to home for me as we have two daughters who are adopted out of China.  We have no way of knowing whether our girls were truly abandoned or whether they too were kidnapped.  We can only pray that they were abandoned.  Today the Hague regulates adoptions and orphanages have to go through certain procedures to prove that the children they are releasing for adoption have no relatives who are willing to care for them. I can't wait to read more stories by this author.

The second book I want to share with you is a book titled Wish me Home by Kay Bratt.  It is not my first time reading a book by this author as she is pretty well known in the Chinese adoption community for her book series called the Scavenger's Daughters based on a story about a little old Chinese peddler who finds babies who have been abandoned on the streets of China and raises them as his own. Wish me Home is about a young woman who flees her home in fear that she may have committed a crime and journies to rebuild her life in the Florida Keys because of her love of the writer Ernest Hemingway.  The story is about new beginnings, redemption, and love. One of the reasons I liked this book so much was because the plot was not so simple that you guessed the ending before you read the last page and while that is not always a plus when reading books it was what I needed at the moment.

The next book I want to introduce to you is a book titled Tending Roses by Lisa  Wingate.  This book was so good I can't wait to read another book by this author.  Her writing style is so lovely and so familiar.  Reading her book is like talking with my best friend.   The story is based on a young woman and her decision to work or not work following the birth of her son while also dealing with the decision on how to best care for her elderly grandmother who is no longer capable of caring for herself.  An issue I am dealing with myself at the moment as I need to make decisions in regards to my father who has Alzheimer's. The last book I would like to share is titled Everything I Never Told You written by NG Celeste.  The story switches between the time periods of the late 1950s and the late 1970s  and is about a young woman who is found dead.  The death of a young woman is not the only casualty in the story as her family is left devastated.  The book also deals with interracial marriage at this time period.  The story will definitely keep you on your toes.

Well, I better wrap this up.  I have only fallen asleep ten times while writing this due to the pain medication I am on.  I hope you have a great weekend and I hope to upload some photos from my weekend in Birmingham soon.  What are you reading?  Leave me a comment and let me know as
is it looks like I am going to have plenty of time to read.


Jill Foley said…
I bet you would love Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate - it's sooooo good. It is a fictional story about kids who were kidnapped and sold.
Jill Foley said…
Also...sorry about your broken shoulder! Ouch!! I hope your recovery is swift.
William Kendall said…
Thank you for sharing these. I hope your recovery goes smoothly.

I'm presently reading Tolkien's Fall of Gondolin.

Jill said…
Sorry to hear about your shoulder, I do hope you are feeling much better soon! Thank you for sharing these books, they sound great! I love to read so I will have to add these to my list. :-) Enjoy the rest of your week!

Su-sieee! Mac said…
Ouch! about your shoulder. Hope it heals quickly.
I'm between books, meaning I have nothing to read, regardless that I a shelf full of books waiting their turn to be read. Ng's book sounds most interesting. I forget that once upon a time interracial marriages like the Husband's and mine were frowned upon. Still today for many. The last book I read was Dark Tide Rising by Anne Perry. It's the latest in a mystery series set in 1870s/80s Victorian London.
NCSue said…
Thank you so much for sharing at
junieper2 said…
Oh goodness,all that is left is to "rest," eh? You are a trooper Kelleyn! Does this mean that you have typed this post with one hand?
I can imagine you like these books, for when you adopt kids you deal with these issues. Don't worry about what you don't know. As far as I can see you are trying very hard to be the best parent to all your children, and giving them a happy childhood!Many thanks for sharing this heartfelt post with All Seasons!
Angie said…
Wishing you a speedy recovery (unless you want extended reading time?)

I am reading In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen. Good so far. I recently finished Bleeding Hearts by Susan Wittig Albert. It was entertaining and a quick read.
Sorry to read about your injury, Kelleyn, and hope you will be at least feeling a bit pain-free soon and can enjoy some pre-holiday activities, however limiting. Thanks for the book recommendations as well.
Wow. That is awful. I want to offer a big strong hug but that would probably make it worse.

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