Mt. Jonah

I think I am almost all caught up on the events of our lives in the last couple of months. There never seems to be a dull moment around here.  At the beginning of October, Harris had the opportunity with the youth of our church age 16 and above to go to Mt. Jonah and go repelling.  He said they had a lot of fun. Sorry for the bad i-phone photos, but a mom is just happy to get any at all.  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Frank has been in the Keys all week scuba diving.  He is really having a good time and needs the time to decompress as work has been especially difficult this past year.  I am going to see Love, The Coopers with my neighbor tonight. Winston has his last soccer game of the season.  I am kind of bummed that neither Frank and I will be at it, but Nana is going to be there to cheer him on.  I am hoping the weekend will be a little more relaxing than this past week. Yesterday, Addy came home from school with lice.  Ugh!  She got them from another kid at school.  Thankfully, she was the only one in our family who had them.  We spent the evening doing load after load of laundry.  We also had to wash her hair about 3 times to get the eggs out of her hair.  


Ugh, lice - we've had to deal with that one, and it was quite the battle. Your iPhone photos look great - what a beautiful location and gorgeous group of folks. Hoping your husband has a wonderful vacation, and cheers to a relaxing weekend to you! xo
Sharon Wagner said…
Great blog title. I've had that virus for quite awhile!
tinajo said…
You sure are a bunch of busy bees - loved to catch up! :-)

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