About Me

Hi!  I am Kelleyn!  It is nice to meet you!  Who am I?  Well, while I think most of us are trying to figure that out about ourselves each day there are some things I know and that is I have a strong testimony of the Father and his son Jesus Christ and each day I strive to live by his teachings.  I love my family fiercely and we love to explore this beautiful planet of ours getting to know his beautiful people. Last year I began my own photography business and I am loving the ability it gives me to create and serve those around me.  While my home is in Atlanta, Georgia, my family and I are currently living just outside of Frankfurt, Germany.

This is My Family!

My partner in crime of 20 years is Frank, oldest son Harris who is off to University this year (2017), Winston loves everything that has to do with sports, Roman my loving and tenderhearted 10 year old, Adelaide a ball of energy who loves dolls and tumbling, Avery sweet as pie, and Ivy who is full of spunk.   You can find me on Instagram as Likeschocolate or Kelleynrrothaermelphotography.

Thanks for stopping by!


Juana said…
Thanks Kelleyn for stopping by my little blog! I am happy everything is going wonderfully well in your family, the boys growing up and a pretty little fortunate girl that come into a wonderful family. Big hugs for you all, and may the New Year be plenty of happiness!
Unknown said…
It's so fun to have you over at Life Thru the Lens... I love to travel too, and we lived (for 7 years) in Germany. It's always fun to meet people who have things in common with our family. ~ Lisa @ Simply Living Photography

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