10 Year Anniversary

Ten years have come and gone. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday we were meeting for the first time. Our celebration was postponed and now that it has been almost 11 years. We wanted to do something special. Well, we were trying to think of what to do. Oma (grandma) is going to take the children for a week. I thought that Barcelona would be great since we would already be in Europe and the tickets from Zurich would not be too expensive. My husband, however, didn't think that sounded very restful. He suggested Turkey. That didn't sound good to me because I don't have the time before we leave to research out resorts. I only know one couple who has been there and they spent the whole week in the hotel. Not really my idea of fun. Then my husband suggested a cruise. I wasn't too sure about this because I thought it would be so expensive. However, in minutes my husband was able to find a good deal with port stops that I have always dreamed of going to. I guess we all win. Actually, one of the best vacations we ever went on was a cruise. It was great! We just unpacked once and were able to see several different places without the worry of how to get there or where we were going to eat. We will be doing an Italy/Greek Island Tour in July. Keep posted and see what happens.


Company EIGHT said…
Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see where you guys go!!

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