The S family

I am working on another family photoshoot for their annual Christmad cards.  I lost my light before I could do the family shoot all together, but we knew that might happen, so I have the whole family scheduled this weekend and that should only last 25 minutes max.  I was kind of bummed that when I got to the location the trees had lost all their leaves, so I quickly moved the shoot to an adjacent field, Darn rain!  Oh well, what can you do!   I ordered a really cute tee-pee for my girls for Christmas, but I also can't wait to use that in some future photo shoot.


Rebecca said…
Nice lookin' family you photographed.
bettyl-NZ said…
What lovely, wholesome faces! Looks like Dad will have to be on watch when little Miss starts dating!
Molly said…

Shauna said…
Still turned out great, nice job. I got your email and I will respond soon, love ya,

Shauna xo

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