Do you remember the song Money Make the World Go Around?  by Liza Minnelli I would say Bread make the world go around except for maybe in Asia where noodles or rice are king.  Anyway, I am sure many of you have seen this recipe before so if you have bare with me as I would like to share it again.  If you are like me making break can be daunting.  Finding the right recipe and getting it to raise can be a lot of work, but this recipe is amazing.  It is the 5 minute bread recipe for artisan bread.

You see things on the Internet or Pinterest all the time and you think it really can't be that simple. Well it is and while the title is a little miss leading in that the bread takes more than 5 minutes it is super simple to make.  Another blog friend of mine shared this recipe a few weeks ago, and I thought I have to try this!  This recipe comes from the New York Times..  The only thing, I would add is that my friend Brook says to cook this at a lower temp of  475 degree and the crust on the bottom will not be so hard.  I followed the NYT recipe, and the bread was perfect except for the bottom crust.  Enjoy!


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