No, I didn't have a baby; however, due to some heath challenges I am having this year I have certainly gained the weight to look like I had a baby.  My neighbor had a baby 9 days ago and she let me take a few pictures of her and her yummy baby. I also got to love all over him too!  Babies are yummy! The smell so good and their skin is so soft.  Welcome to the world little one!


Francesca said…
babies are yummy!
hope your health challenges improve!
Balot said…
Oh! I miss the smell of newborn babies :D
Tera said…
Awwww I find itty bitty baby feet irrisistable!
that baby shoot went alright then! :-))) n♥
CountryMouse said…
Oh he is gorgeous! I have a new niece that I will get to meet very soon. I love new babies!

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