Hunger "Corner View"

I could venture to say that many of us have never been truly hungry.  We know when our next meal is going to come and if we skip a meal it is usually by choice.  I hadn't intended on writing about Avery when Francesca asked me for a theme to write about 2 weeks ago. I had intended on posting a recipe or showing an amazing meal from my husbands mother who is here visiting us right now.!  We have been eating well this past week and still have a few days more to enjoy her cooking before she heads back to Germany; however, it was apparent to me on Easter that hasn't been the case for Avery. When I took away her Easter basket so that she wouldn't eat all the candy in one go she cried.  It wasn't just any cry not the type of cry that comes from not getting ones own way, but a cry of wait you are taking my food.The cry was real and came from a place of true knowledge of being hungry. How many times I wonder did she cry out of the need for food.  This I will never know, but I have been told from those who were able to visit the orphanages that they were eerily quiet.  Quiet because the children have learned that know one will come for them when they do cry.  I thought her being with us for 15 months now she would know another meal is just around the bend, but for the rest of her life she may have always fear that food isn't going to come.  My sweet baby girl I wish I could have protected you from this experience, but you are home and you will never be hungry again.

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So so sad. I had a lot of issues with my oldest and food. The little one has a different set due to life in a social welfare institute.


all we can do is love love love them and change the way things happen from today on, we can't (sadly) change the past.
Shay Ankerich said…
We love on this issue as well. Candy has been a huge one for us. Giving them a piece after every meal helps my little ones. We will co tomie until it's gone and then wait for next candy holiday. Feeding on demand has always been rule of thumb here. Love your post. Xo
Anonymous said…
oh poor Avery ... I am sure she will overcome this :)
Anonymous said…
oh poor Avery ... I am sure she will overcome this :)
simply bev said…
Heartbreaking. She's a lucky girl to have be found by you!
What a moving story! Thank you for the reminder of being grateful for what we have & not take it for granted.

Do you follow the blog The Lettered Cottage? It is mostly a home decor blog, but she and her husband are in the process of adopting a boy form Haiti. You might enjoy reading about their journey too-
Li + Belle said…
This is very, very bad. And it very well that she is now with you, and learns that she does not have to shout in order to be heard. She is very lucky to be part of your family.
Francesca said…
I find no words. I hope that the vacuum of food, care and everything else she's learned to expect will soon be completely filled with your love for her.
Mezza May said…
She is lucky now to be loved and cared for by you. She's a sweet little thing!

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