Sunday, November 30, 2014

Constantly in Motion

I don't have to worry about Addy
and do you know why?
She is a firecracker!
Constantly in Motion!
She knows what she wants and she goes after it!
Love this Girl!
So grateful she is apart of my family.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Always Happy

A ray of sunshine she is always happy.
I am so happy I get to be her mom and that she is apart of our family.
Well we are off to Tennessee!
What do you have planned for the weekend?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Adoption is Just Another Word For Love

November is National Adoption Month.
I love seeing how her bond with each of the family members is growing!
She adores her big brothers!  
They adore her!
Love this boy of mine!  I probably don't tell him enough.
I love seeing the man he is becoming and I am so grateful the aliens have returned my sweet boy!
The last 2 years have been rough, but with each day it is getting better and better!
I am so proud of how well he is doing in school and 
even more proud that he gets up each morning for early morning seminary.
Love you both to the moon and back!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Addy's Thanksgiving Feast

Today at Addy's school her preschool class gave a nice little Thanksgiving presentation.  It was so cute!  Avery is all ready to celebrate Thanksgiving too!  Just a few days a way.  What I am thankful for this weekend is that besides German school we have no other activities going on!  So looking forward to hanging out here at home.  Have a Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One Song "Corner View"

It is so hard to just pick one song as songs have a place for all kinds of different occasions and emotions. My son Roman loves this song called Happy. Avery is loving the song by Taylor Swift called Shake it Off..  Addy loves to listen to a CD that is produced by our church which is a collection of religious children songs. Not sure what the older boys are liking right now.  I remember when Winston loved Poker Face by Lady Gaga and would sing to the words of the song in the car. Songs hold memories.  The other day I was trying to think if Frank and I had a first song and sadly we don't.  Though I do remember a fun car ride home when we were dating with a group of his fellow Ph. D. buddies after a Halloween party where we were all rocking out to Nina's 99 Luftballoons song. Anyway, I am rambling right now, but at the  moment I am loving this song by David Archuleta called "Glorious."  It brings tears to my eyes every time!  I hope you like it too! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Soccer 14

This Thanksgiving I am also thankful that Winston has found a sport he love.  I am thankful for his great coaches and for his team members who play fairly.  I am grateful it keeps him active and healthy.  I am grateful the season is over as the weather has turned cold and my husband won't have to sit on the cold sidelines.  I am grateful my husband was able to attend the games this year, so the younger children could go to German school this year.  Way to go team Galaxy for a great season!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Panther Creek

This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for these wonderful and dedicated fathers who make the Boy Scout program great.  I am thankful I did not have to go and sleep outside in 20 degree weather.  I am grateful for this beautiful country and state I live in and I am grateful for all that my son has learned through this program.  Boy Scouts Rocks! Winston had so much fun this weekend that he came home and slept for three hours after taking a shower.  What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Weekend

The weeks seem to go by so fast these days, and here we are at Friday again.  Tonight Winston is going camping with the Boy Scouts.  They are going to Panther Creek.  Some of the boys have been before and for others it will be their first time.  It is so cold today I hope they will be warm enough tonight.  While it would be fun to see the falls, I am glad I will be nice and snug in my bed tonight. Tonight we are having the sister missionaries from our church over for dinner. Families in our church congregation or as we call it ward take turns feeding them each night.  I am still not sure what I am going to feed them. Last time I made potato soup.  Maybe, I will make a roast chicken with potatoes and gravy.  Roman and Addy have German school in the morning.  They will probably start working on their Christmas program as it is only a few weeks away, and Harris is going to a dance tomorrow night.  I hope it will warm up a little this weekend as I still have the girls photos to take for our Christmas card.  Would even like to take a group shot of all the kids if I can manage it!  This week I was in Publix our local grocery store when I found these pretzel breads.  I was so excited as these are really typical of Germany.  They seem to have become all the rage of Hamburger joints  Well they found their way into my cart and for a few minutes I traveled back to Germany as I made a sandwich of butter, salami, Swiss Cheese, and tomato.  The only thing missing from the line up was fresh squeezed apple juice for the local farmers sold in the city center or a glass of Apfel Scoerle a favorite drink of Germans made from half apple juice and half sparkling water.  Well, I hope you have a great weekend.  What is on your agenda this weekend?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I Do When I Am Home Alone "Corner View"

What I do when I am home alone is a funny question because I am not home alone very often though on a rare occasion that I do get an hour or two one of the things I like to do is troll the internet.  This is where my trolling has taken me recently.  When looking for new recipes, I found this recipe for cheese califlower, and this one for zucchini fritters looks good.  I have some lentils in my pantry that I need to use and this recipe for lentil salad is right up my alley, and you can never have too many recipes incorporate chocolate.  This past week marked the 25th year Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down and I found this art installation to commemorate the event pretty cool. Yesterday was Veteran's Day here in the United States and Roman came home from school asking if papa's grandfather was a Veteran.  I had to pause a moment because I wasn't sure how much I should tell him.  I simply answered, "Yes." and then he asked me if he died during the war and I said, "No."   He didn't ask any more questions, so I just left it at that, but I felt uncomfortable because my husband is from Germany and that means his grandfather served as a soldier in War World II.  His grandfather died way before I ever met my husband, so I don't know much about him.  What I do know is that he came home a broken man.  My husband and I were talking about it later on and he said he didn't know much about his role in the War as no one ever talked about it for obvious reasons. So complicated!  On a lighter note, have you seen this you tube video from the art installation from the London Tower.  It is beautiful!  I would have loved to have seen it in person.

One more thing I would like to share is this really cool music video by OK Go  I think this band is brillant.

So this is just one of the ways I spend that free time and other times I watch Downton Abbey, drink a cup of hot cocoa, or take a bubble bath.  Hope you have a great day!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

St. Martinstag 2014

This past Saturday the children celebrated St. Martinstag at German school.  St. Martin was a Roman solider who gave his cloak to a beggar who was cold.  The children march through the a halls singing a sweet little song Lanterne Lanterne Ich gehe mit my Lanterne Sonne Munde and Sterne.  The watch a little re-enactment of the moment of Martin giving his cloak to the beggar and afterwards are given a treat of pretzel bread.  The littles are really enjoying going to German school.

Friday, November 7, 2014

In My Backyard, 10 months, and Adoption

This morning I woke up with the sun shining and the need for adventure. but with Roman needing to be picked up at the bus stop at 2:45 p.m. that meant I couldn't go far.  After discovering that cool park a few weeks ago, I knew their must be many more places I didn't know about!  Google gave me a list of places which I happily booked marked, and while I was not able to convince anyone to go with me, Avery and I headed out on our adventure.  Our first stop the visitor center at Suwanee Mountain (more like a hill). At the center we were able to get a trail map to the Indian Seat Hiking Trail and learned that if we just drove a mile down the road we could pick up another part of the trail that would be easier to walk with a 3 year old.  The trail is not stroller friendly, but Avery was a trooper and walked the 3/4 mile to the top and walked most of the way down.  The view was well worth the walk.  We were met with a sea of gold.  The pictures don't do it justice.

On another note, Avery has been with our family for 10 months now.  It seems like yesterday in a cold room in her home province and capital city we were given this precious little girl who could only cry when she met us.  Since that day she had now completed her physical therapy and while she qualifies for speech therapy we are going to wait and see where she is in 6 month.  Right now she is doing great.  She talks in sentences and is starting to sing songs.  She adores music and her favorite song right now is the song by Taylor Swift  called Shake it Off.  She is also starting to pick up German words and uses them mixed in with English.  While we thought she was pretty secure in our family, she has taken a step backwards or maybe it is a step forward in that she does not like us to leave her with strangers and will cry upon doing so.  Her and Addy are starting to find their groove and there seems to be a lot less jealousy.  Her favorite thing to play with is a stuff cat that my father gave her for her birthday back in September or her Bitty Baby doll. She is also starting to get in one of her two year old molars which confirms to us she is more closer to two than three.

November is national adoption week.  I saw this video that has me really thinking about how we raise Avery.  The story explores the topic of growing up in a trans-racial family.  The story follows a woman who was adopted in 1975 from South Korea and a family who is just about to embark on the journey of raising a daughter from China.  I have to say the movie left me sad as the woman (Jennifer) , who was adopted from South Korea, despite being very successful in her professional life was an emotional wreck.  Her adopted family could not really understand where she was coming from or if they did it just did not appear to be enough for Jennifer who felt like she had spent her whole life adapting to their life.  She knew they loved her and gave her a very good life, but felt like she did not fit in anywhere.  As she said in the movie, "She was American, but not.  She was Korean, but she was not."  I worry that we may not do right by Avery.  At times I wanted to say to Jennifer ," Can't you see that they did the best they could."  I wanted to say to her you have a choice in that you can spend the rest of your life trying to change something that can never be changed or you can move on and see the blessings you do have.  Does this make me bad for not understanding more?  I know that my reaction to her is just to simple.  I know that while those who adopt consider it a blessing and a privilege those who are adopted come from a place of pain and loss.  I know for Avery it will be even harder than some who are adopted because she has no information in regards to her biological parents.  Last year, I had the opportunity to watch this documentary called Somewhere in Between which follows the story of 4 young girls who have been adopted from China.  These young woman's stories are still being written, but the point of the film lays it out there that many of these young woman feel like as the title states in between despite even the best efforts on their adoptive parents trying to help them keep their Chinese heritage.  Will Avery feel this way?  Probably so, but my hope for her is that she knows she is loved.  I pray she can find peace in the journey that is her story, and most of all I pray that I can help her navigate all the feelings and emotions she will have in regards to her adoption.