Complete "Photography Shoot"

Last week, I received a Facebook message that stated Hi! Do you do photography shoots?  I have seen your photos and I am looking for someone who can shoot our family.  Sadly their photographer had to cancel at the last moment and it was such a gorgeous day.  I know this family through the adoption community support group on-line.  They are so amazing as they brought one little boy home from China and turned around and adopted another little boy from China within a year of their first adoption.  They are the sweetest boys and you can't help but smile when you meet them.  Nervous to say yes, I thought OK the worse thing that can happen is that they have to hire someone else at a latter date to shoot their family.  I said a prayer and met the family in a field not to far from my house.  They are such an awesome family.  The rocked the shoot like pro's!  Here are a few photos from the shoot.


Dana said…
Great job!!!

And, yes, a lovely family.
Shauna said…
Very cute. Nice job. The day was great for photos it looks like. Such cute kiddos. Love,

Shauna xo
You've got real, rare talent, Kelleyn! Beautiful images - I'd have you take pictures of our family anytime. Let me know when you're in Sweden :-) xx

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