The British Museum

 I loved this Giant head!
 I loved this sealing located in the information foyer.

 The Rosetta Stone

Hi!  I am home after 3 very cold but wonderful days in England.  I am still trying to wrap my head around all that we saw and did while in England which just goes to show how cool England is even after being there two times before.  So, I will just leave you with a few photos from my visit to the British Museum which is one of my favorite museums in London.  Why is it one of my favorites?  Besides being free and a great place to get out of the rain, there are just so many cool art pieces from all over the world.  It amazes me how these pieces of beautiful art  were created so long ago and with the tool they had at the time.  I love the stories they tell and clues they give us about the past.  What was important to these people and to what link they must have gone to tell us their stories. 


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