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4 Years ago, we were given an amazing gift. A rebirth of our son. At 5:30 am we handed over our son to the surgeon who would repair his heart. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever done in my life. What if he didn't make it? We held our breath until we got the call from the nurse saying he made it off by-pass. Then it was another two days before we knew everything was going to be OK. He was out of the woods. See, Roman was born with a Congenital Heart Disease called Tetrology of Fallot.  This is a condition where not only is there a whole in the heart, but the pulmonary and aorta valve are not attached.  Thankfully, this could be repaired.  He still needs additional surgeries, but we are grateful for every day we have with this little boy.  He is such a joy!  I love when he makes up little songs and sings.  I love how kind he is to everyone and his giant big smile.  I love how he gets obsessed with an author like Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle and wants to read everything that author has written.  He is totally obsessed with Super Hero's and the funny thing is he is my Super Hero.  Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of life!

Corner View

I love to read!  I have been know to devour a novel in a day.  In fact,  I have to be careful about starting books because once I do I have a hard time putting them down which isn't a good thing when you are a mother of three children with one on the way.  While some books are easily forgotten, I have read many good books that have touched me in one way or another.  They linger like the scent of a perfume.  They have touched my soul or changed me to be a better person.  The Secret Life of Bees is one of those books that I could read over and over.  Another favorite of mine is Water for Elephants.  What is your favorite book?


Heart n Soul said…
Love devouring a book in a day ... luxury :)
What a sweet boy you have! I love both those books...did you read The Help? Also good one too!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
the secret life of bees appeals to me... must look it up.
cheers for the tip!
Andi said…
Absolutely the best gift to ever receive!
Li + Belle said…
Oh, a very beautiful post. Every Day with your son is worth, and every moment is so important.

Water for Elephants, I have read in this month, it gave me very much. I am very excited about the movie I'll see you soon.
My favorite author is T.C. Boyle and his best book (for me) is water music.
Danyelle said…
What a sweet boy you have!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series and Wicked by Gregory Maguire. One of my other favorite books is Same Kind of Different As Me; after reading it, I bought copies to give as gifts at Christmas.
Mlle Paradis said…
Bravo for Roman, what a lovely guy with a cool name!

Me too, books are a very bad influence on me!
Don said…
You have it covered from bees to elephants... all creatures great and small. :)
Tzivia said…
The story of your son's early challenges moved me! What a wonderful superhero you have in your life, and what a superhero he has for a mom! I also love both books you mentioned, and I agree with the comment above about "The Help." Highly recommended!
Oh, Kelleyn.. what a sweet post. Little Roman is a Super Hero! What a sweet gift you have been given.
Theresa said…
Many blessings to you all!
SWEET boy. The best gift ever, for sure.
Francesca said…
An amazing gift indeed. I'm too so grateful for the medical technology that has made it possible for these gifts to happen.
An angel, a miracle... in a beautiful family :)
Barbara said…
An amazing gift is right! What an adorable and courageous boy you have. No wonder you are grateful for every moment. It's so heartbreaking when a child has to endure like that. My heart and love goes out to all of you.
cate said…
what a beautiful boy he is, kellyn! congratulations on this special anniversary.

both of those books are really fun... i also loved THE HELP. being a southern girl, you must have read it. did you like it?

happy weekend to you!
kari said…
He is your miracle - thanks for sharing.
I've been thinking about getting me Water for Elephants lately.
And I love Dr Seuss and Eric Carle-so do my kids.
likeschocolate said…
Hi! Yes, I have read The Help. I loved it! I can't wait for it to hit the movies in August.
I had no idea. That must have been an awful time for you and your family. Happy to read that your little boy is well now.
PS: More babies AND writing... I like that idea :)
tinajo said…
He´s such a sweetie - I´m so glad everything turned for the better. :-)

Thanks for the book tips - I´m a book worm and reads TONS of books every year, I always appreciates when told about great books. :-)
Hi K!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
I'm so happy that your little one is okay now. Seeing that big incision down his chest is heartbreaking! Babies can be amazing little miracles...
As for Water for Elephants, LOVE it!
Have a great week,
Carrie said…
I love both those books! I recently read Sarah's Key's and oh my gosh I am forever changed. It still pricks my soul weeks later.

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