Tis the Season "Black and White Wednesday"

The thunder of feet rushed down the stairs this morning and one by one the boys asked,"Is today December first?" They were so excited to open their Advent calenders. Each year their Oma sends them a calender from Germany. The boys get so excited. Roman couldn't wait this year. He was too excited on Saturday and opened about half of the doors though I tried to explain to him that you only open one door each day. Waiting is hard to do when you are 3. I am starting to feel the urgency to get everything done. Usually, I have the cards out by now, but life has been so crazy around here that I just haven't been able to get to them. Then their are the teachers gift. I need to get those assembled and out the door. None the less, tis the season to be jolly. We celebrated our first advent on Sunday and look forward to celebrating the second advent coming this Sunday. The boys made the cutest St. Nicholas craft yesterday and I can't wait to show you. I just need to pull out the camera and take a picture. Plus the countdown to the next Travel Bug vacation is only 18 days away. Yahoo! Too see more Black and White visit Lisa.


Maryvel Friesen said…
Such an exciting time of the year for everyone, but, yes, specially for the little one! I wish my kids Opa and Oma or more like Grospapa und Grosmama would have taken that tradition of the Advent Calendars but they never did, so we don't have it! :( And yes remember is the season to be jolly but also try to relax and just enjoy! Great shots of the boys!
Emily said…
my kids are also excited for the advent calendar today!

as for my favorite iPhone camera apps---oooh, boy! that's a can of worms! :) i have three folders full of camera apps. i go through phases of using each of them, but the ones i use most are:
-Pic Grunger
-Plastic Bullet Camera
-Pro HDR
-TiltShift Generator

you might also want to check out these which i have, but don't use so often for some reason:
-Film Lab

a great iPhone photo resource is http://www.iphoneography.com/

i am always unsure of whether i should reply to questions on my blog, or go to the bloggers blog and reply--i know that i often forget to check back at the comments if i've asked a question on a blog!!! anyway, hope that all is helpful.

p.s. i noticed on lucia's blog you referred to a letterboxing app: Clue Tracker. it's really good!!!
tikje wit said…
waiting is hard for a youngster indeed...For an older one (like myself) as well...And now i feel sick of all this chocolate! Enjoy*
Francesca said…
18 days is not long, how exciting!
Danelle said…
Our boys went straight for their advent calendars this morning too.
cate said…
oh, that sounds like so much fun, special advent calendars from their grandmother! i remember the one christmas that i spent in hamburg was so magical. the street markets with the spiced wine. dreamy!

happy december to you and the boys!
soisses said…
b/w-pics are the best.love these...
Very sweet! Love their joyful smiles.


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