Inspiration Challenge

Finished Card/Inside Says Just Hang in There
Another view of the card
First Try ended up cutting off the bottom
because it was too much, but the pattern is of Moroccan tile

I didn't use my camel or latern that I drew because they were too dull against the gold.

I have never been very crafty. When my church has craft nights, I usually avoid them like the plague or just go to talk to everyone. Why? I am just not that good at them. I am too critical. I get disappointed when my idea doesn't materialize. I am good at many other things, but crafts is just not one of them. So what's my point? Well, I have been following a blog that is mostly a craft card blog, but also a little bit of a travel blog out of Morocco I love looking at her pictures of what she is experiencing in Morocco. She threw out a challenge to make a card inspired by a photo. The photo was of Moroccan slippers that were multi colored and she showed a card that she made. Well, I knew instantly I wanted my card to be cobalt blue. I also knew I wanted a camel, maybe a little tent or a lantern of some kind, or maybe a globe of the world. Then 4Th of July came and I was busy with all that. I don't have really any craft stuff on supply except for some children's multi-colored paper. I headed with the boys to Michael's. I just knew they would have to have something for me. Kind of a bad idea. Roman kept putting stuff in the cart and Winston would try to take it away and put it back and Roman would scream and cry. You get my point. The only thing I found was my paper. No camels, no stamps or cut outs, no globes except for one sticker. Found plenty of Asian inspired stuff . Couldn't find gold paper except for doille -maybe that would work. Optimistic when I left. Here is my result and this is why I do not craft. I do love this little monkey though.


You should feel lucky that you have a craft night; we meet 4 times a year and for the last 3 years we've had a Pioneer Fashion show (1 of the 4 times we meet).

I LOVE the monkey by the way!
travelingmama said…
You DREW all that?! Are you serious? You do not give yourself enough credit!

My girlfriend recently made a card for my daughter. She didn't have any supplies except a pen and a few odd papers. She made the sweetest card for Hailey and it touched Hailey so much that someone had made her a card that she cried. I think that is why so many of us get hooked. When someone cares and you see something that you put heart and soul into go into a scrapbook or keepsake box... well, it just makes it all worth it!
Thank you so much for playing along with our challenge! I hope you will join us again!
Hugs from Morocco!

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